Today in the city Diamond Bar 30.04.2017
Oil demand outlook should worry investors, analysts warn

Analysts believe the lackluster outlook for global demand – amid a shaky global growth environment and stubborn oversupply - is a concern.

The Lame Bro Archetype We’re Tired Of Seeing In Movies

Here’s a movie I’ve seen too many times: A collection of men — always white, funny, and charmingly scruffy — need a weekend away. These are guys who live utterly comfortable lives but are also somehow...

Recovering Deontay Wilder vents about WBC's delay over Alexander Povetkin doping decision

Deontay Wilder is aware of the finger-wagging by Olympic swimmers scolding their peers linked to doping. The world heavyweight champion wants to take it a step further with his potential next opponent...

Suit: Bar relatives from visiting those buried in cemetery

The owners of a Pennsylvania cemetery want to bar the family members of those buried there from visiting the graves

Don't Call Me 'Darling': American Bar Association Bans Sexist Language

The bar has passed a resolution prohibiting conduct that lawyers should "know or reasonably know" is harassment or discrimination, following the lead of many U.S. states.

The oil industry's massive supply and demand problem is about to get even worse

Global demand for oil will slow at a greater rate than first thought in 2017, according to the latest oil market update from the International Energy Agency, intensifying the oil industry's supply and...

Global oil demand to cool amid weaker economy, agency says

The International Energy Agency expects global demand for oil to drop more than previously expected next year due to weaker economic growth

IEA cuts oil demand forecast as economic uncertainty weighs

The world will consume less oil next year than previously thought as a climate of economic insecurity continues, according to the latest demand forecast by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Bar Forces Customers to Talk in Real Life by Blocking Cell-Phone Signals

By Clint Rainey If you're waiting on an important phone call, it's probably best not to hang out at the Gin Tub in the English town of Hove. Owner Steve Tyler tinfoiled the walls and hung copper alon...

US gymnast falls off the high bar during a crucial routine, spoils big comeback attempt during gymnastics final

US gymnast Danell Levya had a brutal fall during his high bar routine last in the men's gymnastics final. With the US mounting a comeback, though still unlikely to medal, Levya was in the midst of a s...

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